PR & Event Production
We have been producing events and webcasts since 2000. We've also covered red carpets, movie premieres and award shows.
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About This Project

PR & Events


From packed rooms at Comic-Con to Dragon*Con and documentary filmmaking panels at the Newport Beach Film Festival, Carlene has been a featured speaker on Indie Filmmaking, J.R.R Tolkien scholarship, Fantasy & SciFi Fandom, Animated Tolkien Adaptations, RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS and Fantasy/SciFi fandom in general. If you are looking for a panelist with lots of experience speaking please feel free to contact her!

Carlene Cordova has been a featured speaker at the following events:

  • SF in SF
  • Comic-Con
  • Dragon*Con
  • The Newport Beach Film Festival
  • The Slamdance Film Festival
  • The Elf “Lord of the Rings” fan Convention
  • ORC “Lord of the Rings” fan Convention
  • The Medieval Fantasy Festival


Entertainment Journalism

theoneparty-prIn addition to speaking at events, Carlene was an entertainment journalist for many years covering the red carpets of award shows, film premieres and press junkets. She’s interviewed dozens of actors, writers and filmmakers, focusing on the creative side of the film and TV industry.




Red Carpet and Event Coverage and Production

We have been producing events and webcasts since 2000. We've also covered red carpets, movie premieres and award shows. Stormcrow Co-Founder Carlene Cordova, produced streaming webcasts of movie premieres for Columbia Pictures. For, Carlene produced the Oscar parties for for Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" films.

Trade Shows & Conventions

We've spoken at Comic-Con, Dragon*Con and many specialized genre fan conventions. In addition to speaking, we're experienced in working, designing and managing trade show booths. We've handled convention and trade show marketing for, The San Francisco Gift Fair, The Atlanta Gift Show, The Las Vegas Market, The LA Gift Show, The LA Times Festival of Books, Comic-Con, Dragon*Con, E3, ELF, ORC and many more gift shows!

Public Relations

We recently helped client Eurø Style. with Public Relations by writing and preparing press releases and press kits for the Las Vegas Market and High Point Furniture Market. We managed their showroom in Las Vegas and helped with brand marketing and press coverage at the events.

Conventions, Events, PR, Red Carpet, Trade Shows