About Stormcrow Pictures
Stormcrow Pictures is an award-winning digital agency with experience in producing and marketing indie-films, video production & video post-production, motion graphics, user experience design, content strategy, print and events.
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About Us

Stormcrow Pictures is an award-winning digital agency with experience producing and marketing indie-films, video production, video post-production, motion graphics, user experience design, content strategy, print design and event marketing. We have over twenty years of combined experience in making high-quality websites, e-commerce marketing, content, SEO and product management for e-commerce.


Our work has aired on HBO, BET, CNN, FLN, Bravo, Style Network, the Sony Network and a Times Square billboard. Our film RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and was distributed by Sony Pictures.


We’ve created marketing plans and marketing for e-commerce companies, start-ups, indie filmmakers, fashion designers, indie musicians, retail businesses, manufacturers and small businesses. We specialize in brand marketing strategy and have worked on brand and marketing for large entertainment campaigns, B2B businesses and B2C businesses. Visit our portfolio page to see some examples of our marketing work.

Digital Content Strategy

We specialize in content creation and content strategy. This includes websites copywriting, blogging, video marketing strategy, SEO for websites, email newsletters, website user experience (UX), e-commerce product merchandising, social media strategy and engagement, social media scheduling and listening for businesses of all sizes.

Video Production & Post

We excel at video production and video marketing strategy. We specialize in non-fiction and animation production and also provide script writing and video editing services. Our team’s video work has aired on television in the U.S, internationally and for clients such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, CNN, FLN, BET and Bravo. We are adept at creating video for streaming media requirements. This includes closed captioning, compression and advice on the best format to gain the biggest audience.

Public Relations

Public relations or PR is one of the most cost efficient means for marketing your business. Stormcrow can consult with you how best to get the coverage your business needs. Our turn-key services include strategy, copywriting for press releases, blogging, social media blasts and how best to reach press outlets and bloggers. We’ve recently handled PR for large Hollywood events and B2B clients.

Event Coverage & Production

We’ve produced live streaming webcasts for movie premieres and Hollywood parties. We can also hire a crew and direct video for your event. We’ve edited together highlight reels for non-profit events and helped to manage red-carpet interviews and sit-down interviews with celebrities and business luminaries. We’ve produced three large Oscar parties, film festival parties and covered countless awards shows, film festivals and movie premieres. Contact us to see how we can help you with your live event.

Trade Shows & Conventions

We’ve project managed, worked and designed trade show booths and marketing for Comic-Con, E3, Dragon*Con, the Atlanta Gift Show, ToyFair, The LA Gift Show, The Las Vegas Market and individual genre fan conventions. We’ve spoken on panels and been a part of the programming track of Comic-Con, Dragon*Con and many film festivals. Let us help your company or property plan and market your trade show or convention experience so that you can spread the word about your brand.

What We Do


Video Production

Content Strategy

Marketing Plans


E-commerce Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Public Relations

Trade Shows

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You Can Be Happy

In addition to producing quality video production, we combine elements of design, layout, and fluid programming are combined with a crystal clear focus on content, SEO, usability (UX) and user interface design (UI).


Stormcrow also specializes in defining and delivering mobile content for the newest generation of mobile devices. Combining the talents of animators, designers, and producers, Stormcrow Pictures can write, produce and market beautiful content.


We have launched e-commerce products for Academy of Art University and Folkmanis Puppets. We’ve led B2B and B2C marketing campaigns for manufacturers and retailers. In e-commerce we’ve consulted on SEO, content and UX strategy for ZenniOptical.com, a $100 million a year etailer. And we’ve led B2B trade show marketing and PR for a B2B furniture manufacturer.

The Stormcrow Pictures Team

Stormcrow Pictures is run by the husband and wife team of Carlene Cordova and John Welch. The company was founded in 2005 and operated as a boutique marketing and video agency in Los Angeles, California for five years. Stormcrow is now located near San Francisco in the gorgeous North Bay wine country. The company now works with ease in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.



Co-Founder – Carlene Cordova

Stormcrow Co-Founder Carlene Cordova began her directing career by creating puppet-shows for the neighborhood kids. She emerged onto the independent film scene with the award-winning documentary, RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS , which she co-wrote, produced and directed.


Before embarking on the four-year journey to make RINGERS, Carlene was a Senior Producer for Sony Pictures online network, Screenblast.com. Here, she was instrumental in the development of new shows and the programming channels for Screenblast. Carlene also lead the content team, an entertainment news channel and behind-the-scenes production for Screenblast’s groundbreaking original shows such as  Sweet J. Presents  (familiar now as Cartoon Network ‘s  Robot Chicken)  Rachel’s Room  (the first starring role of Maggie Grace) and  Julius and Friends  – bringing to life the animated world of Paul Frank’s characters, starring Jason Schwartzman.

Stormcrow Principals

Carlene was initially hired on with Sony Pictures’ Columbia Tri-Star Interactive division after designing the award-winning web site for the film  The Mask of Zorro. She led the rebranding and online marketing efforts of both the on-air and online looks of   Wheel of Fortune,  JEOPARDY!   and GSN. She also produced on-air spots and bumpers for these highly popular game shows. Carlene oversaw the production and management of dozens of the websites for Sony Pictures’ Television shows as well as the host site for Sony Pictures Entertainment.


To see more of Carlene’s work please visit her personal website, her Vimeo page or LinkedIn page. Follow Carlene on Twitter @carlenelikesyou.

John Welch Esq.

Co-Founder, John Welch

John first became interested in video production at the impressionable age of 10, making films with his friends mostly about action figures killing one another. Later John became schooled in film production and abandoned his childhood roots in the Midwest for Los Angeles. This was an exciting time for him. He did video editing and DVD authoring for a wide variety of clients: Sony Pictures, Disney Interactive, Fine Living Network, BET and Warner Bros. Records to name a few.


LA, as it turns out, isn’t for everyone, including, but not limited to, John. He now lives the secluded life of a hermit playing his guitar in the penthouse suite of the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, sleeping little and producing and creating videos for Stormcrow Pictures. His pet puma is named Windsor.


(Some of this bio may be fabricated, you be the judge.)

Arcane Objects Logo

Arcane Objects

Stormcrow Entertainment, LLC owns a retail subsidiary called Arcane Objects. This is where Carlene and John follow their other obsession, vintage and antique technology. Retail is just another form of entertainment, after all.


Arcane Objects specializes in obsolete, but still beautiful, antique and vintage technology. This includes typewriters, phonographs, gramophones, speakers, motion picture cameras & projectors, vintage and antique cameras and equipment, wax cylinder dictaphones, magic lanterns and anything with a lens.


Think of the ideal antique store, something from an old film or Diagon Alley. That’s what we’re seeking to achieve with Arcane Objects. We collect/hoard and sell the things that we hope to see in antique stores but rarely do. Our home is a unique Wunderkammer, (Cabinet of Curiosities.) When we find a better representation of an object in the “field”, as it were, we cycle one of our treasures into our store.


Visit the Arcane Objects website. Check out our Pinterest and Twitter feeds. And of course visit us on Facebook.


“We share a deep interest in all things antique and arcane and since the free online cryptozoological phrenology clinic we founded didn’t pan out, it was on to plan “B.” (Apparently the Yeti of Tibet don’t have internet access yet.)” – Carlene & John